my next bedroom

future bedroom

As I continue my search on craigslist for a new place, I am continuously thinking about what my next bedroom might look like. I will try to make use of everything I already have and maybe add a few more smaller accents to finish it off. Last time I was home, my mom was going through her closet and found a great toile bed coverlet I will use for the summer. I love the idea of making window treatments out of burlap like my good friend Jacqueline did at her new place in Saratoga.(so cute! Send pictures so I can put them on the blog!) I pretty much have everything I need, now all I need is  a room (or two) to put it all in.

Any Rhode Islanders need a roommate for the summer?

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Jacqueline said...

You can live here for free & get on the Cindy Life Plan?

I've been thinking about Cindy & I think she's real.

Also, I'm getting a round mirror & rectangular XL today. I will be sending pix for input. I am making progress, spray painted almost everything in my apt. last night, in my apt. It smells GREAT!