diy church chair

A few weeks back, I noticed the Methodist church across the street from my new place cleaning and purging out some of their older, unwanted items.  A good friend Marilyn was there, so I decided to venture across the street to see if they were throwing out anything that could be salvaged, or, "repurposed."  Lo and behold, they were getting rid of this gorgeous chair above.  It has beautiful lines, and sits like a champ.  I can't wait to take it to the upholsterer to get it redone.  I intend on painting the wood (it's not the most ideal stain color) a cream or putty color.  On a trip to Ikea this past weekend, my girlfriends and I had a heyday in their fabric section.  Ikea has some of the hippest prints around, and for a very reasonable price, I scored this fabric pictured below ($5.99 a yard):

[photo credit for fabric-ikea]

The fabric is comprised of origami animals in grey, on a cream background.  The animals are moose (my fave), birds, wolves, and some sort of crane.  I think this fabric will give this very traditional chair a bit of edge.  From a distance, it looks like some sort of simple toile.  Up close, you can see the uniqueness of this print.  Can't wait to get this finished!  Items also scored from the church- an antique Eastlake chair, simple, white painted wooden mirror, and some old hymnals-for classic Christmas tunes, of course.  Thanks Marilyn!  I'll be sure to post, "after" pics when this chair is finished!



Anonymous said...

your medicine ball looks so good next to that chair. i bet you use it all the time!

Earnestine Kettering said...

Great find, Olive! This chair looks shabby but it’s still in good condition. And I think it can still last for many years. I like the fabric you chose. I think that would complement the cream or putty color that you want for the chair. Where are the after photos, anyway? I’d love to see it. ->Earnestine Kettering