a little bit o' this, a little bit o' that

*Warning*  This post will quite literally be, all over the place.  I have a lot of little things to share, and don't really care to structure them in a concise manner.  So, here I go...

First, a couple weekends back, I had the pleasure of dining out with two good friends-Sara and Mat.  I still have yet to discover "good eats" in my town of Warren.  Granted, there are a lot of little dive-y type places, and good pub food, and many a place for good chowdaH, but I didn't realize a great restaurant was right around the corner from me!  They took me to Tav Vino, which is three blocks down from my apartment on the water.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Tav Vino is simple and cozy-I love the open framework on the ceiling and the banquette seating along the windows.  If you're ever down in the East Bay, I defnitely recommend this restaurant.

Next, I have a little DIY project that is super easy, and will make a statement in any home.  My new hairstylist is quite the decorator (think Hollywood-glam), and this was in his home, in his guest bathroom:

Faux taxidermy!  Like I said, this is a super-easy project to do.  Head to Michael's or your local craft-store, pick up whatever wood plaque shape appeals to you.  Paint or stain it (or leave as is).  Find a branch outside you can cut to size, and screw onto said plaque.  Find a faux animal of sorts, this can be really anything- bird, reptile, insects, etc.  I happened to stop in Frog & Toad last weekend (one of my favorite gift stores in RI-but that deserves another blog post entirely of its own), and they have some fantastic faux ravens (similar to what is pictured above) that have feet that bend-which would be great as you can bend the feet around the branch.  If you stop at F&T, say hi to Asher for me!  Frog & Toad facebook page found here .  If you decide you want to attempt this project, send your results in to olive!  We'd love to see your creation!

Last, but not least, when getting off the commuter train in South Attleboro this week-when what to my wandering eyes should appear:  A butter, wooden Wagoneer!  Ha, that rhymes....Luc, this is for you: 

Oh, and one more thing (see-I told you this post was going to be all over the place), my Christmas Cactus is blooming!  I'm especially happy because this happens to be my great-grandmother's cactus that my mom brought me clippings of on her visits out to see me. Thanks Mom, I thought you would enjoy seeing how healthy it is!  Feel free to bring some more on your next trip out......:)


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