I'd like to be, under the sea...

I'm not exactly sure why my eye is drawn to the image of an octopus; it's not exactly an attractive creature. Perhaps it is it's ancient and prehistoric imagery I associate with it or the mysterious nature of the animal. In a rendered form, they are beautiful however; the spiraling long lines and curves of the octopus form allow for an interesting artistic image. Recently, the creature has been popping up all over the design world. I wouldn't mind any of the following in my home.  Except for the first one. 


{thomas paul bath line}


{anthropologie wallpaper}

{apartment therapy}



italia nostalgia

Pretty much since I departed the amazing country of Italy when I spent a semester abroad in Florence, I have missed it and longed for it daily. Life there was perfect. I learned, tasted, and observed amazing new things. Class was going to the Uffizi or walking the streets of Florence and observing the architecture. My shopping was at a minimum as my money was spent on weekend trips to Paris, Amsterdam, Praque, Barcelona, Munich, Rome and remote villages around Tuscany. Happiness was found just walking the cobbled streets of Florence people watching with a cappucino in hand. Fragrances of leather, espresso, pastries and the perfumes and colognes of the Italians were frequently infusing my senses. Getting dressed was fun; I could wear dresses and skirts and fancy things every day. To say that I ate well would be an understatement. Essentially, it was a dream and seems like it almost never happened. I hope one day to live this life again. Until then...

{the Duomo: my neighbor}

{a swim after a long hike in Cinque Terre}

{Cinque Terre: my favorite place in Italy}

{canals of Venice}

{our apartment door}

{at the Herculaneum ruins}

{Siena bell tower}

Ciao regazzi


acadian adventures

    {"Can you please turn around?"}

{beautifully decrepit abandoned home}

{fog along the coast of Maine}

{before the long sweaty hike}

{heading down the great trail along the stream under the carriage roads}

A great weekend was had by all at Acadia National Park. From the park itself, to the roadside antique stores, and visiting the cute town of Bar Harbor, everything was what I had imagined. If it were up to Susie and I, we would have stopped at every antique store or flea market on the road. It was probably a good thing we had some boys to keep us in line. If only I had a few more days up there... I will definitely return to Acadia.



off exploring

I'm Heading out tomorrow to go to Acadia National Park in Maine. I've wanted to go there for a few years now so I'm really excited to explore "America's Best Idea". The anticipation is killing me. Photos to come next week.

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

 From one adventurer to another


headstart on a headboard

As I am moving (again) sometime next month and I'm not too pleased with my current bed, I figured I'd take on another project upon moving into a new place. I'll have a big yard where I can work so I'm looking forward to that. I want to make my own upholstered headboard and hopefully keep the cost around $100. I've seen some inspirational pictures but I can't decide if I i want a solid fabric or a print. I could get sick of a print, but I can also always reupholster the piece to suit my current taste. Any ideas or suggestions or welcome! Here are some I enjoy.

{I like the neutrality and versatility of this piece}

{I really like the shape of these with the added trim and bright colors}

{nailhead trim adds a finished elegant look}

{love the boldness, but would have to be the focal point}

I have a slight obsession with animal prints and am considering a neutral leopard or zebra like the ones below:

 The only main thing I need to consider in choosing a fabric for the headboard is my red desk:

{bench seat to be reupholstered this fall}

What do you all think?