everything's better in butter

Not only is butter a delicious additive to anything you can possibly cook or bake, but it's also an amazing color for anything shellacked and metal. The term "vanilla" is often used to describe objects in this color but I find "vanilla" not only incorrect as vanilla beans are dark brown in fact, but also very boring. Butter is a much better adjective in my mind. A classic, retro, and amazing all-in-one color. The following images are by far my favorite pieces of machinery dipped in butter. I want all of these things.

{Vintage Mercedes, the Original Inspiration for this blog, a la Shirley and Kendall Anderson, my fabulous Grandparents. I affectionately referred to theirs as "the Buttermobile"}
{Kitchen-Aid Mixer- I want}

{Fendi bicycle-$9,600, no big deal. Is this the one you're getting Gretchen?}

{espresso machine-to make cappuccinos to take with you on your butter-hued transportation method of choice}

{The classic Vespa- my ultimate dream ride. Cruising down the cobblestone streets of Firenze wearing a fabulous dress and some great sunglasses...Perhaps in my next lifetime}

And a few more "I can't believe it's not butter!" inspired objects:

better butter

Hope you've enjoyed these great dairy-infused pieces. My birthday is August 11 ;). Until next time.

Dreaming in buttervision.

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Gretchen said...

Ha, the Fendi? Puhleeease!! Try Beach Bike Outlet. Although, I'm seriously digging those leather saddlebags...

Oh, and just got a call from my mom, and the butter knife is her silver pattern. She wants it! Ha, did you take that pic?

:) G