i've got my eye on industrialism

As a lover of all things old, rusty and covered in dust, I could no longer fight the urge to purchase an industrial cart. I first met this cart on a visit to David Ellison's farm table workshop in Pawtucket, RI. Gretchen was interested in purchasing a table so Susie and I joined her and went to his shop to check things out. The shop was filled mostly with hand crafted tables, however, there were a few other treasures just sitting in his shop. I spotted an old industrial cart, and inquired about whether it was for sale. He sort of laughed at me and said, "That? yeah, sure, I have a bunch of them. They're from a mining company." I did not end up purchasing the cart that day. This was about five months ago. Yesterday, the piece came to mind again so I emailed David. He said there was one left, so I jumped at the chance and purchased it. I won't pick it up until August or September when I move again, but I can't wait to incorporate it into my growing furniture collection. I haven't figured out just yet what I will do with it. So far, my only thought is a coffee table. If I had two, I could make an interesting day bed platform. Any other suggestions are welcome. I sure have gotten some good deals in Rhode Island...

Mine is a pretty minimalistic version, however there are many other beefier versions available. Restoration Hardware had a piece in their catalog.

{Restoration Hardware piece: MUCH more substantial. I wouldn't want to stub my toe on that. Also, they need a new prop stylist. }

{Ace Hotel suite in Palm Springs. Yes please.}

Over and out from the assembly line.


sunshine and sorbet

The sun is out and summer is almost officially here. With that in mind, I searched the web for sorbet-inspired imagery. Sorbet is just oh-so satisfying on a hot day. Although I had ice cream today instead of sorbet . Treat yourself to something sweet and fruity this weekend!



black walls-love 'em or hate 'em?

Ok, I'm having a hard time getting walls that are painted black out of my system.  I'm very seriously contemplating painting my kitchen black, or at least one wall black.  Am I nuts?  My only concern is that this might be a trend, and I might grow very weary of a giant black wall after a short time.  And by short time, I mean a couple of months.  And...let's be honest folks, painting is not the most pleasurable experience.  But, is it worth it?  You be the judge-I've been collecting imagery for a while now....

Jenna Lyon's (creative director for J.Crew) home. This is what jump-started the black wall craze when this was published in Domino Magazine years ago.

Ok olive readers, what do you think?  Bite the bullet, and just do it?




movin on up

I've been busy with my move to my summer sublet in the Jewlery District and I'm finally getting settled in. I haven't quite unpacked everything but I'm getting there. Moving really makes you realize how much CRAP you have. I threw out 5 pairs of grimey shoes and donated some clothing to Salvation Army. So far, the only thing in my room that I'v perfected is my perfect red vanity. I'm hoping to get completely and unpacked this weekend. After I go to the beach...

Expect more posts