About Susie, Lucy and Gretchen

 meet the editors

meet susie

Susie Enjoys:  all things striped, the beach but not the ocean, white tee shirts, espresso, dogs, chunky turtlenecks, and seltzer water
Hometown:  Cincinnati, Ohio
Current city:  Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Alma Mater:  Brown University
                                         History of Art and Architecture
                                         Modern American History
                                         enrolled in classes at RISD

Day Job (s):  Assistant Director of the Chazan Gallery
                              Fine Gardener and Landscaper at Garden Endeavors
                              Barrington Soccer Coach

                              Finding one, big girl job.

Most Recent Daydream:  Becoming a farmer.  Moving to a farm, and making cheese.

Most Likely to be Found: at the grocery store, on the soccer field, or in her 'garden'

Susie believes in adding salt to most dishes (including dessert).  She loves Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (spirals), her yellow lab Liliequist, dark beer, photo history and everything related to Cincinnati - above all, her family.

meet lucy

Lucy Enjoys:  exploring the unknown, dramatic transformations, playing in the waves, making something out of nothing, and the open road
Hometown:  Cohasset, Massachusetts
Current city:  Providence, Rhode Island

Alma Mater:  Roger Williams University
                                         Historic Preservation
                                         enrolled in classes at RISD.

Day Job:  Project Assistant at Capital Properties, Inc.
Most Recent Daydream: Drive across the country to see as many National Parks as possible.

Lucy is training for a half marathon, likes a daily dose of chocolate and is a deal hunter extraordinaire. She believes in eating ice cream at any time of the day and year and loves sushi+sake, being barefoot on the beach, Apertivo (a la Florence), and dirty martinis (extra olives of course).

meet gretchen

Gretchen Enjoys:  antiquing, bartering, consignment shopping, cleaning, scarves, white dishes, the color grey and the anchor symbol.
Hometown:  Galesburg, Illinois
Current city:  Warren, Rhode Island

Alma Mater(s):   Iowa State University
                                                 Interior Design and Entrepreneurial Studies
                                        Rhode Island College
                                                Art History and Marketing
                                                enrolled in classes at RISD.

Day Job:  Executive Assistant at Deloitte and Touche, LLP

Most Recent Daydream:  Turning her interior design clients and jobs into a full scale business network.

Gretchen is looking forward to her new position at the Warren Preservation Society, and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her butter colored beach cruiser, which she will ride up and down the streets of Warren (it has bells AND a basket).