olive anticipates: summer

Since it is nearly 70 degrees in Providence, I am getting pretty excited about this summer.  Although this season has changed quite dramatically since I was a kid, and summer camp is no longer the escape from the 'hell' that was 5th grade, the summer will always represent freedom and relaxation; a break from whatever it is you have grown tired of: failing middle school romances, work, the weather, wool sweaters, un-pedicured toes...

And in honor of this summer, which really can't come soon enough after this miserable winter and the complete absence of any summer in 2009, I have posted some of my favorite summer items.  This is a season during which I stick to a fairly strict uniform, which includes Hanes V-Neck White Tees with Patagonia Baggies and Rainbows during casual days, and white jeans with some sort of striped top and Jack Rogers for evenings or fancier events.  An L.L. Bean tote is a perfect companion to either of these uniforms, although I often opt for my red Kate Spade wicker clutch for special occasions.  I like to keep my tote stocked with NO AD SPF 15, which is inexpensive, and very effective, and of course, found at Job Lot.  I should also mention that although my summer drink will always be a Gin and Tonic with Hendrick's Gin, some people consider Del's Frozen lemonade the true sign of summer and as an increasingly permanent Rhode Islander, I felt compelled to give credit where credit is due.

By the way, Essie Short Shorts, while quite loud, is by far the nail polish which will make you appear most tan, even when you are not.  The search is finally over.  You're welcome.

Hoping the weather is just as nice in your neck of the woods.

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