decorating with text

There is something very powerful about words. Whether it's how they're composed, the language they're written in, or what they say, text can make beautiful art, and can be a great way to add interest to a space. I like the idea of adding bold text art into a collection of images on a wall to mix things up. Better known as "typography" in the graphic design world. There are many ways to employ this technique in your space. Whether as wall art, or other decor, here are some examples and ideas.
Poster from Ikea

Manuscrit rug from DWR

Poster from Laurie Coyle Designs-Etsy Shop

Minotti "beat" rug

"lean on me" pillow, cb2

LA metro Station Stairs

I love the idea of having words on your stairs; a nontraditional place for art but somewhere you're always are looking.  The RISD Design Center building, where I have my class, has text on some of the stairs, but I didn't have any pictures to share.

On the theme of words, I'll leave you with a Haiku honoring the weekend:

Today is Friday
Nothing makes me happier
Than not having work                            (tomorrow)

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Jon Morris said...

I liked your post
The shapes and colors too
Are enjoyable

Mr. Morris