restoration hardware look, walmart price

After a trip to Lowe's with Gretchen to get some fabulous peacock-blue paint for her new bedroom, we decided to schlep it and go to Walmart. The normal routine would be to go to Target, but Walmart has recently upped their style points to try to compete with Target, so we decided to switch things up and go there. Gretchen got a table lamp for her new "pop" style desk and I got a brass table lamp for...who knows what.

{Gretchen's Lamp-$25.00}

{Restoration Hardware Lamp-$169.00}

{pottery barn-$139.00}

{Walmart lamp- mine has a brass finish-$19.00}

Although the lamp bases and shades are different, they have the same look with the adjustable dial on the side and I actually prefer the Walmart drum style shade. The one I got is more similar to the Pottery Barn example. There were a couple of other cute and cheap options if you're looking for afforable lighting resources.

{wood base lamp-$25.00}

{open frame style-$25.00}

The above is similar to this lamp from Crate and Barrel:

{Crate and Barrel open frame-$279.00}

Lesson learned: Although Walmart can be a daunting experience, it's always better in good company. Not to mention, you can get great deals on lamps and also buy mouthwash and a waterbottle while you're at it.

Walmart-don't go it alone.

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gnikmada8 said...

where did you get that brass table lamp with the dimples in it? And what is the name of it?