get it (for less)

Yes, I have a problem: I'm addicted to a good deal. If there's a sale, discount, or coupon, you can bet I know about it. Although sandal season is farther away then I'd like to think, I'm still craving a new fun sandal to kick off the warm weather (whenever it wants to arrive). The one I plan to purchase (this weekend?) are the Mossimo Palia Beaded flat sandal (below) from the beloved, Target. The  more expensive and therefore not for me version, are the Dolce Vita Nyle beaded sandal. The styles are different, but the beading is pretty much the same. In fact, I prefer the Target style.


Jonesing for a deal.


breakfasts with susie

If I were to title this period of my life from September 2010, when my unemployment began, until now, it would most likely be called "Breakfasts with Susie". We kicked off our period of living together with big breakfasts starting with Susie's birthday/my last day of work and have continued to create energizing fully blown fast-breaking meals since.

{co-breakfast chef!}

The breakfasts usually have at least 3 components and 2 beverages: Eggs, carbs, fruit, coffee and a thirst-quenching beverage (crystal light, orange juice, mocktails, or water). Some recent notable breakfasts include one I woke up to a few weekends ago after a late night out with friends. Susie had made eggs scrambled with brie, mushrooms, and garlic with bagels and cream cheese and bacon. Not. Too. Bad. Bacon is by far the best smell to wake up to. One morning when Susie was having a bad day, I attempted to remedy the situation with pancakes; three kinds to be exact: banana, chocolate chip, and plain with strawberries. Sure enough, it did the trick.

  {eggs with brie and spinach, oranges, english muffin and bacon}

Since Susie works 40 hours more than I do, our time to cook together is usually limited to the morning meal we so like to enjoy. We split the prep work and clean up, share our food, and best of all, conversation. What some might reserve for the weekend or find to be an arduous task, we do a few times during the week and love every minute of it, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have a feeling this will become a tradition in our friendship, roommates or not.

{eggs with muenster and cheddar, mushrooms and onions, english muffins and strawberries and blueberries}

Guests are always welcome. Reservations are recommended.