warning: trail mix is addictive

It has come to my attention that there is a need for a consumer advisory on packages of trail mix, and other addictive "healthy snacks". Sure, trail mix is "good for you" when you're hiking for 8 hours a day; when you're sitting at work at your desk, I beg to differ. Those small bags of pre-made mixes have "11 servings" in them, easily consumed in one sitting.  I have recently become victim to trail mix addiction. I was supposed to go hiking in New Hampshire this past weekend but the trip was canceled due to weather concerns. I had volunteered to be in charge of providing the "GORP" for the hike. Big mistake. I tend to enjoy chocolate more than the other components of this medley, so, I made my own mix and threw in both M&Ms and Reese's pieces, just in case. As I mentioned, the trip was canceled so I was left with a gallon-sized freezer bag of goodness. What's a girl to do? Clearly, consume trail mix at all times of complete unnecessity. The bag remains in my desk drawer at work. Sometimes, I forget that it's in there, but when I remember, it's practically impossible to stop the madness. So, this is my public service announcement: trail mix is extremely addictive, proceed with caution.

You've been warned.

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